Inspired Life Yoga

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*Location- Atkinson Wellness Center
unless otherwise noted

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Inspired Life, at the Atkinson Wellness Center, 
has an accepting, relaxing atmosphere.  
Students are of all ages, shapes, sizes, genders and cultures.  
Variations are welcome and expected.

Everyone benefits from a stronger and more flexible body.  Yoga is good for your body, mind, and soul.

The classes are designed around the students.  Some classes require taxing the cardiovascular system, and others never will.  The bodymind tends to feel best when it is stretched and relaxed.

Owner and Yoga Teacher
Jennifer Douglas  
Yoga Classes, Private Lessons, Special Events and Reiki Sessions.
Contact for details and to make an appointment:
[email protected]
Call text email or Facebook

Atkinson Wellness Center 510 N. State St.

510 n state st atkinson, il 61235



Atkinson, IL 

I love Jennifer's yoga classes. She has a way of making everyone comfortable, and accommodating individual needs within a group setting. The classes flow, leaving you feeling relaxed, centered, peaceful.


Geneseo, IL

As a fitness instructor, I truly feel that varying your workouts is a great way to keep your muscles in check. The type of exercises I do the majority of the week are high intensity cardio with strength training. I feel that taking yoga stretches my sore muscles, and it gives my joints a break from the jumping and high impact moves I do. I love to come to yoga and challenge my body in a completely different way! I get to focus more on stretching and breathing..and also continue to challenge my core, which is a huge component of my usual workout. I love Jennifer's calm voice and her attention to detail in the movements. I love her positive environment, and the small "family" like setting. I feel welcomed, and even though I don't get to come as often as I'd like-i am so glad I walked through those doors and welcomed yoga...and Jen into my life!!


Geneseo, IL

Yoga has changed me, and all for the better. I love going to class and look forward to it when I'm at work. It has made me stronger and more flexible. It's improved my posture, and I've trimmed down some too. Jennifer  is knowledgeable and inspiring. She is a wonderful teacher!~


East Moline, IL 

Wonderful yoga studio! I have been going for several months and I always leave feeling great! Jennifer is a friendly and unpretentious instructor who offers lots of suggestions for modifications and encourages everyone to work to their own ability. There are mats and other accessories/supplies available to borrow for free. The atmosphere of the location is very peaceful and inspiring. I go to the Sunday classes, which always have a different theme and I love the variety - I highly recommend trying it!